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Areas of Expertise

Individual Counseling for Women, Men, and Adolescents
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I find a common thread among people of all ages. It is the need to know their value, find their purpose, and discover their voice. One of the foundational truths that I share with my clients is the discovery of what God thinks and feels about them. In Psalm 139:17 the psalmist declares that every single moment God is thinking of you, and he cherishes you constantly in his every thought. This becomes a starting point of an accurate identity established by God himself.

In our counseling sessions, we build on God's truth about your identity while uncovering and rejecting false beliefs. Symptoms such as depression and anxiety often come from believing these false thoughts. 

When you know God's truth about who you really are, you can walk in freedom. 

When you engage in individual counseling with Cheryl:


  • Discover your true worth

  • Gain tools to identify false beliefs and replace with true beliefs

  • Increase happiness by focusing on gratitude

  • Develop confidence in building healthy relationships

  • Set clear boundaries to protect self

  • Discover and establish goals for parenting

  • Identify root beliefs to eliminate:

    • depression

    • anxiety

    • inferiority

    • unforgiveness

    • resentment

    • jealousy 

Processing your story gives you a greater understanding of yourself and leads to more compassion and empathy for self and others instead of shame and blame.

Premarital Counseling

Deciding on your marriage partner is one of the most important decisions of your life. Taking the time to celebrate areas of compatibility and discover areas that need improvement are both included in the premarital counseling experience.


During premarital counseling, couples will complete an online assessment called Prepare and Enrich. I suggest a minimum of 4 sessions, but more sessions are required if complex issues surface.


When you engage in premarital counseling with Cheryl, you will have insight into your compatibility in key areas:

  • Sexual expectations

  • Finances

  • Relationships with parents

  • Parenting philosophy

  • Spiritual/religious beliefs

  • Conflict style

  • Hobbies and free time 

  • Control and power in the relationship

  • Learn tools to grow in areas where needed 

  • Enhance areas of strength

  • Develop a philosophy of marriage and family 

Image by Tyler Nix

Marriage Counseling

All marriages can benefit from counseling. Unfortunately, most couples don't make the investment until they are in a crisis. When couples get "stuck" in an ongoing cycle of conflict they feel desperate, alienated, and alone. 

Through my marriage counseling protocol, Emotional Focused Therapy, I help couples reconnect and rediscover love and intimacy.   


When you engage in marriage counseling with Cheryl, you and your partner will learn how to:

  • be less defensive and more open to each other

  • let go of past hurts and move forward together

  • communicate and share more honestly

  • relate better and appreciate each other more

  • improve your sense of connection and intimacy 

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